Sue Your Landlord focuses on advocating for tenants and ensuring that the rights of tenants are not compromised for any reason. Founded by Gregory Ihenacho, the company’s prime duty is to tutor tenants with regard to their rights, fuel tenancy advocacy causes, and to provide legal services if the issue of litigation must arise.  Quite a large number of tenants have forfeited their rights during tenant-landlord dissensions due to fear of losing the case if the issue is taken to court. We do not want this to continue, and that is the exact reason this robust organization was established. Should you have a problem with your landlord or feel your tenant right is being abused, do not hesitate to make us your recourse.

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Our mission is to provide invaluable guidance, technical advices and legal services to tenants during the occurrence of disagreements with their landlords. We are aware that there a lot of tenants that do not outright know their rights and we exist to make every tenant imbibe his/her rights as a tenant and how to ensure these rights are not abused



Our core goal is to eradicate the abuse of tenant rights by landlords across the nation. We seek to impact a tenant community where every tenant knows his/her rights, how not to get it abused, as well as his/her boundaries.

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